See if your CPF is among the 223 million leaked this week


Two major data leaks have exposed information from 223 million Brazilians recently, including email, phone, tax information and CPF. If you want to know if you have been affected by the security breach, a new website allows you to perform this check quickly.

Called Fui Vazado !, the platform is available at this link and was created by developer Allan Fernando. In a simple and quick way, the site allows the user to check if personal data appeared in one of the leaks.

The user needs to add the CPF number and date of birth in the blank fields, in addition to performing a Captcha-style check. Thanks to the large volumes of access, the site is currently experiencing instabilities, but the trend is for the platform to return to normal functioning soon.

Is the site secure?

According to Allan Fernando, the website only matches the information provided by the user with the details found in the leaked databases. O I was leaked! it also does not keep the credentials used in the verification.

The platform does not require any form of login and, according to the developer, the only data left in storage is the access information generated by Cloudfare.

Verify CNPJ

O I was leaked! it also has an indication for those who own a company and want to check if company information has also been compromised. The databases that are rolling on the internet include information from approximately 40 million businesses.

If you are an entrepreneur, you can check if your business data is leaking through the Syhunt website, developed by the security firm of the same name. The procedure requires only your company’s CNPJ number.


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