See how Vecna comes to life in the 4th season of “Amazing Strange Things”, BTS video


Caution: This article contains spoilers for season 4 of the TV series “Very Strange Things”, part 1.

A new behind—the-scenes video demonstrates the rigorous process of creating special effects to create a terrifying new villain of “Very Strange Things” – Vecna. The record-breaking Netflix series recently returned to the streaming platform after a three-year absence marked by delays related to the pandemic, and quickly gained popularity among viewers. The narrative of season 4, on the eve of the final season of the show, returns Eleven and her friends to the very center of an even bloodier supernatural war that engulfed the Underside, Russia and several American cities of the 80s. Now teenagers, the Hawkins clan of monster fighters must fight a new evil.

In the fourth season, Vecna appears, an evil creature similar to Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, who preys on past traumas of children and kills them from under their feet with telekinetic abilities. Vecna is perhaps the most cunning and humanoid creature the heroes have ever encountered, inspired by the cold and calculating design of the King of the Night from Game of Thrones. Originally thought to be legendary actor Freddie Robert Englund under the notorious hood, the finale of the first part reveals Vecna as transformed from Hawkins’ lab.

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Jamie Campbell Bower, who will make his franchise debut playing Van/Veknu in season 4 of the TV series “Very Strange Things”, enhances the frightening length and nightmarish visual effects of the antagonist, performing a long process of applying makeup that animates the character, and does not rely on computer graphics. . On the official Twitter page of “Very Strange Things” there is a fascinating video of BTS showing how Bauer undergoes this procedure under the supervision of the head of the makeup department Barry Gower and his team of special effects artists. Bauer diligently withstands a difficult operation, checking his phone and sipping Starbucks coffee in between prosthetics and tinting.

Previous BTS footage showed Vekna’s prosthetic during the thrilling final scene of episode 4 with Max (Sadie Sink) in his Lair of the Mind, and Finn Wolfhard commenting on the six-hour makeup process. Other reports say it took the artists seven to eight and a half hours to put a full-body suit on Bauer. The new video may mislead these ratings due to the accelerated quality, but Bauer’s ever-changing makeup team and meme-worthy habits indicate that it took considerable time to introduce the actor to the app.

Given the Duffer brothers’ emphasis on 80s pop culture in “Very Strange Cases,” it’s no surprise they’re investing in practical effects for one of their most unique supernatural creatures to date. While some characters may escape from Vecna in Season 4, part 2, his presence in the series so far has been effective due to Bowers’ physical fitness in practical makeup. In addition, Vecna’s appearance creates a dichotomy between the computer-graphics monsters that terrorized the cast of “Very Strange Things” in previous seasons, creating a palpably frightening atmosphere in season 4.