See how to take virtual document with application


RG Digital, a virtual version of the identity, was launched by the Civil Police of the State of São Paulo last week and can be downloaded free of charge via the application.

Like the paper document, the electronic ID is issued by the Public Security Secretariat and can be used throughout the country, regardless of the physical version. Available for Android and iPhone (iOS), the application promises to streamline the electronic identification processes and brings the possibility of requesting a duplicate of the physical ID by cell phone.

To download and use, you must be over 16 years old and have an identity card issued by the state of São Paulo as of February 2014. The model must also have a QR Code printed on the back. See, in the following tutorial, how to use virtual ID on your smartphone.

How to make Digital RG?

Step 1. Download the RG Digital SP app on Android or iPhone (iOS). On the first access, grant permission to send notifications and tap “Add RG”;

Step 2. Enter the RG number, including the identifying digit, and tap “Request”. Then, accept the application’s terms of use and privacy policy;

Step 3. Tap “Start recognition” to perform the biometric verification. Follow the instructions in the application regarding the approach and facial distance of the camera. It is important to choose a location with adequate lighting to facilitate recognition;

Step 4. After sending the face data, create a four-digit numeric password and repeat the sequence in the field below. It is also possible to enable the fingerprint reader to avoid entering the password in the next accesses;

Step 5. Tap on view ID to access the document added on the cell phone. The document can also be accessed from the home screen, under the option “My wallet”.


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