See How To Learn A New Word A Day With Google


Google has released a fun addition to its search engine that can help knowledge-hungry users. The novelty allows internet users to know, daily, new words and their respective meanings — in addition to their origin and context. According to the company, the purpose of the function is to expand the vocabulary of internet users, as well as arouse their curiosity for this learning niche.

To use the new function, simply search for any word in the search engine and activate daily notifications via a “Bell” icon — located in the upper right corner of the results window. Illustrating the novelty, Google used the word “serendipity” as an example, which means: “the faculty or the act of discovering pleasant things by chance.”

Check how it works below:

Open google app
search for any word
In the right corner of the screen, activate the bell with “Daily Word Notifications”

Although the new feature is only available in English at the moment, Google explains that it was developed to serve both users who are still learning the language and those who are already fluent. In the future, the company hopes to add settings to adjust the difficulty levels of the words.

The new function of Google’s search engine has not yet been released for Brazil, however, it should not take long to be debuted in the country — thanks to the launch format in stages. If you already want to use the function in English, just enter the Google app settings and change the language to English.


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