See how the Dodge cat shaved off her hair and eyebrows, explain why


Dodge Cat has really grown to superstar status over the last couple of years, and part of that is due to her ability to attract the attention of the world in unconventional ways. While celebrities like Kylie Jenner are forcing fans to discuss pregnancy rumors (or dissatisfaction with the habit of flying a jet plane), Dodge is opting for things like a campaign to bring back Taco Bell Mexican pizza. This time she went live on Instagram Live and shaved off her hair and eyebrows, also noting a very good reason for this.

The “Say Something” singer went live on Instagram and started shaving her head and eyebrows while fans watched and wondered what happened. Take a look at Doja Cat in the video below, who seems excited to finally be doing what she supposedly wanted to do for a long time:

Dodge Kat seems relaxed and happy in the video, as well as joyful because of her new image. This is partly due to the reason why she started doing it from the very beginning, and it all started in the gym.

During the Dodge video, Kat explained that the main reason for the radical change in style was comfort. Dodge sorted everything out and recalled his past experience in the gym, which illustrates that it will probably be much easier to train clean-shaven than with a wig on.

I remember feeling pretty damn tired from training. Whenever I went to train — I used to have a trainer – and I wore wigs and they would get sticky and over—buttoned because of the moisture, and then they would start slipping and coming off my head when I was doing this incredibly stressful thing.

Workouts in general can be terrible, and any distraction or discomfort can make it much harder to perform a heavy exercise (especially considering how hard celebrities like Dwayne Johnson train for chiseled legs). I can definitely understand after running with short hair against long hair and understand why Doja Cat chose this new look just for this purpose.

At the same time, Doja Cat’s hairless head and eyebrows go even deeper than gym goals. Dodge continued and talked about how pleased she was with her new look, and admitted that it was something she considered necessary for quite some time:

I feel like I should never have had hair. For example, I don’t like having hair. I don’t like having hair. I’ve never liked having hair. I can’t tell you once from the very beginning of my life that I’ve ever said: “That’s cool.” I just don’t like having hair.

Dodge Cat is living her best life and maybe even inspiring a few other people around the world to copy her look for the same reasons. It seems that aside from feuding with “Very Strange Things” star Noah Schnapp for sharing personal messages she sent him about Joseph Quinn (their feud is now suppressed), the singer can’t do anything wrong these days. Her look may take some time for her fans to get used to, but in the end, I’m sure everyone will be able to “get into it” (yeah).

Watching Doja Cat live on Instagram can be a fun activity, but with all the new shows that are on TV every day, there are still many reasons to check out what’s going on there. As the weeks of summer are fading fast, now is a good time to look ahead and see what’s worth watching when the weather gets colder.


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