See How Lady Gaga Dances on Wednesdays, and Bloody Mary Is Gaining New Popularity Thanks to TikTok Trend


Despite the fact that Lady Gaga’s song “Bloody Mary” was not included in the popular Netflix show on Wednesday, it became the soundtrack to the creepy, passionate and generally strange viral dance moves that Jenna Ortega put on for Wednesday Addams. Now the “Bad Romance” singer is responding to the newfound hype around her song by jumping on the bandwagon and completely killing Wednesday’s moves in her latest TikTok.

After the scene in which Wednesday breaks the ball in the new Netflix series to the song “Goo Goo Muck” by The Cramps went viral, TikTok users took Wednesday’s dance moves and iconic black outfits and replaced the song with “Lady”. Gaga’s song “Bloody Mary” from her 2013 album “Born This Way”. Now the megastar is reacting to this trend, as she dressed in a Gothic image, braided her hair and created her own performance of the iconic movements of the medium, which she calls “Bloody Wednesday”, look at this:



♬ original sound – main account got banned

I love that Lady Gaga interacted with this mass trend, and given the fact that she’s an amazing dancer, of course she killed Wednesday’s movements.

Although her song was not featured in the show, it 100% matches the mood of Wednesday. If the series gets a second season, hopefully it will feature some of the pop star’s greatest hits. Or maybe she’ll even be a guest star. Gaga did play a vampire in “American Horror Story: Hotel,” and she’s starring in the cast of “Joker 2,” so she would fit in perfectly on Wednesday. To see her play a teacher in Nevermore or a member of the Addams family would be a truly significant event.

Obviously, she likes this trend, because it’s not the first time the Just Dance singer has written about it. On December 1, she retweeted Addam’s official post on Wednesday about fans using “Bloody Mary” to showcase their films. She wrote:

While many aspects of the TV hit of 2022 have gone viral — for example, fans’ thoughts about the finale of the first season, everyone’s love for Wednesday and Enid, and Reese Witherspoon’s reaction to the mention of “Legally Blonde” in the series — Wednesday’s moves, as well as both songs, “Bloody Mary” and “Goo Goo Muck”, easily became one of the most popular trends of the series.

According to Chart Data, Gaga’s song, released more than a decade ago, after the show was released, became the most popular in the history of streaming on Spotify, and some videos on TikTok using this song have gained more than 20 million views, for example, the video @emilymeding. :


Double trouble #wednesday#wednesdayaddams#jennaortega#addamsfamily#wednsdaydance#fakebody#fyp#dance#trend#viral#fypシ

♬ original sound – main account got banned

Even a few weeks after the show’s release, “Bloody Wednesday” is still everywhere on TikTok-I mean, I can’t look at my “For You” page without seeing it at least once—and seeing Gaga’s response is the cherry on top of a really funny trend.

To see the OG moves on Wednesday and watch the wonderfully weird spin-off of The Addams Family, you can stream Wednesday with a Netflix subscription.


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