See how it looks inside: Galaxy S21 Plus is disassembled


Previously we’ve seen the Galaxy S21 being disassembled and now it’s finally time for the Galaxy S21 Plus to go through the same process and find out what the differences are between it and the standard version of the Samsung phone. Check now everything that was shown by the PBKreivews channel on YouTube.

Starting with an interesting aspect, the chip drawer, which in this version supports only one SIM card, but it is important to mention that the difference between models with 1 and 2 chips is only the firmware used in the cell phone and the ejectable drawer, which it is metal in version 2 SIM Cards, so all Galaxy S21 have 2 readers, but one of them is disabled in versions with support for only one.

To use 2 in these models, theoretically just use the Galaxy S21 dual-SIM firmware and a drawer with two slots.

Another difference noted in this version of the Galaxy S21 Plus is the absence of Qualcomm’s mmWave antennas, which are present in the versions with Snapdragon 888, so this model only supports the 5G sub-6. In addition, the rear in this version is glass, while the S21 is plastic.


As you can still see in the video, the camera module of the Galaxy S21 Plus is made of metal and can be detached, which makes it easy to replace it and the lenses if necessary.

Some points that hinder the repair of the cell phone are certainly the battery fixed with glue without any handle to extract it and the flex cables that are arranged in a kind of sandwich between the cell phone frame and the screen, making you need to remove it it to repair a simple button on the side if it is defective.


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