See how Emma Stone and her husband react humorously to being booed at a baseball game


Sorry, Spider-Man. Emma Stone wasn’t rooting for the Marvel hero’s hometown team, the Queens’ Mets, when she attended a baseball game on Friday night. Stone and her husband, Dave McQueary, attended a New York game dressed as the San Diego Padres, and the crowd booed them when the jumbotron gave them a moment on the big screen. However, the star couple reacted to what was happening with humor.

Emma Stone and Dave McQueary didn’t seem bothered by the crowd’s reaction to being Padres fans. In fact, they enjoyed this simple gesture. Watch their funny reactions via ESPN:


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The Oscar winner looked into the camera with a humorous shrug before taking a huge swig of beer during the game, while her husband raised his Padres cap and raised his glass. And hey, even though they were in enemy territory enjoying the Padres-Mets game at the Mets’ house, they had nothing to be embarrassed about that night. As a result, the Padres beat the Mets 7-1. So I would say they had a great evening, all things considered.

Emma Stone and Dave McQueary met back in 2016, when the actress hosted the program “Saturday Night Live”, which was written by McQueary. The couple got engaged in late 2019 and then tied the knot in September 2020. Since then, they have created a family, as they have a daughter together, who is now almost two years old. Stone and McQueary have already demonstrated their Padre spirit at baseball games, and they are clearly good at showing their love for the team—even in enemy territory.

Dave McQueary is a native of San Diego, California, so his devotion to the Padres makes sense, despite his work on the New York sketch show on NBC. His wife, on the other hand, grew up in Arizona, and then got into Hollywood and starred in such films as “Super Bad”, “La La Land” and “Cruella”.

Although it’s been more than a year since we saw a new film with Emma Stone, the actress recently signed a contract with director Yorgos Lanthimos after they worked together on “The Favorite.” Stone will play alongside Mark Ruffalo, Rami Youssef, Margaret Qually, Jarrod Carmichael and Willem Dafoe from Spider-Man in the film “Poor Deeds”, which is expected to be among the movie releases of 2023. The film is described as a different take on Frankenstein, in which Stone’s Victorian-era character is brought back to life by an eccentric scientist played by Defoe.

It will be interesting to see how the star will team up with the Green Goblin actress after she missed out on reprising the role of Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man: There’s No Way Home. Her “Amazing Spider-Man” co-star and former partner Andrew Garfield donned his spider costume again in the box office hit of 2021, which the actor playfully hid from Stone along with the entire fandom before its release. Also under consideration for her is a sequel to “Cruella” for Disney, of which, according to some, Taylor Swift will also become a part.

While Mets fans weren’t happy with Emma Stone right now, the actress looked like she was enjoying a Friday night date while watching her team play at Citi Field. Let’s all take a page from her book and Dave McQueary’s book and take any criticism with such humor.


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