See how Alexandra Daddario sweetly started her honeymoon by saving a turtle on the road


Alexandra Daddario just had an amazing wedding, and now it’s time for an equally amazing honeymoon. This part usually includes a trip to some beautiful and/or fun place to relax and relax with a new life partner. Or, for Alexandra Daddario, it apparently means saving wild animals, in this case turtles, from being crushed on the road.

Alexandra Daddario and her longtime partner Andrew Form were driving along the road recently and saw a turtle in distress. He was trying to cross a busy road, and he probably either suffered a terrible fate, or he could lead to a serious traffic accident, or both. Fortunately, Daddario was there to save the day. Daddario posted a video about the rescue on Instagram along with a caption mentioning that it was an activity she and Form had been doing during their honeymoon.

This video will certainly be an interesting counterpoint to the rest of Alexandra Daddario’s Instagram account. In most of the photos we see, Daddario just looks beautiful, and looks that in itself can cause traffic accidents, including a recent photo of her wedding dress, worthy of a Disney princess, from her wedding in New Orleans. Here we see that she looks much more at ease and does something beautiful in a completely different way.

It’s always nice when a celebrity you’re a fan of turns out to be a good person as well. Not everyone will stop to make sure that the little creature is not seriously injured. Alexandra Daddario doesn’t just get the little guy out of the way, but moves him to a nearby apartment complex, thereby ensuring that it will take a long time before the turtle returns to the road, and increasing the likelihood that she will just completely choose a new destination.

Of course, given the traffic we’re seeing, this move put Daddario at considerable risk, which also made it a somewhat bold decision. The animal was not far from the road, but any car trying to avoid a collision with a creature or an actress could create a problem by itself. Fortunately, it all ended not tragically, but mentally.

I hope this good karma will help make the rest of the honeymoon special for the newlyweds. After months of headlines, including a stalking incident, the Malibu Lifeguard actress deserves a wonderful honeymoon, and now there’s a little creature who probably hopes she’ll have a great time too.