See First Gameplay With Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers


Spider-Man is getting closer and closer to joining the Avengers team in Marvel’s Avenger. For those who are curious to see the friend from the neighborhood in action, the IGN website released a video showing how the hero will behave in the game.

The gameplay preview is just over five minutes and shows the Spider moving through some areas of the game using various powers. The spider’s sense and several combos involving punches and kicks also appear in the video, and just like that we can already see that he will do well both away and past the opponent.

See the character preview below:

Spider-Man will be available on Marvel’s Avengers from November 30th, only on PlayStation 4 and PS5. Check out the first trailer of the character in the game here.

So, what do you think? Looking forward to controlling Spider in Marvel’s Avenger? Leave your message in the space below for comments.