See exciting trailer for the new Swedish HBO series


HBO released on Monday (8) a new trailer for the Swedish series Beartown. Production debuted in 2020 in its original country, but is now being expanded to other countries of the brand.

In five episodes, viewers get to know a fairly simple community, surrounded by snow, in which all residents place their hopes on a junior ice hockey team. When the boys, led by Kevin (Oliver DufÄker), have a great opportunity to rise, a brutal crime threatens to destroy the entire Beartown lull.

According to the official description of the series, the plot of the episodes explores several family traumas, romances among teenagers, actions and consequences, in addition to delving into issues related to justice. There are many attractive themes already evidenced by the images presented in the trailer.

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Based on the eponymous novel by Fredrik Backman – which also had A Man Called Ove adapted for the cinema and nominated for an Oscar in 2017 -, the series features Aliette Opheim, Tobias Zilliacus and Miriam Ingrid in the main cast.

In addition, there are Otto Fahlgren, Alfons Nordberg, Erik Lundqvist, Rasmus Karlsson, Najdat Rustom and Gustav Lindh in prominent roles.


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