See: D.O. from EXO. Hilariously cute behind the scenes of “Bad Prosecutor”


EXO’s Do and his castmates show a new side of the “Bad Prosecutor” in a behind-the-scenes video of the first two episodes!

“Bad Prosecutor” is a KBS drama about an ill—mannered prosecutor with a penchant for offenses who believes in fighting for justice by any means. EXO’s Do plays Jin Jung, the titular “bad prosecutor” who is determined to destroy those who use wealth and power to live above the law.

Despite the temperamental personality of his character, D.O. everyone smiled and laughed while he went to the shooting. During one of the night shootings, D.O. can be seen training hard for a sword fight scene, first training with a wooden sword. Later, when filming begins, D.O. gives out a startled: “Oh, wait, is this real?! Please replace this with a wooden sword!” quickly turning from a ruthless fighter into a cute and scared actor.

The chaos continues as they continue to film the fight when D.O. kicks a metal pipe, but it flies further than he initially thought. Off-screen, a rumble can be heard as D.O. then shyly realized, “This will fly if I hit it hard,” and then made sure everyone was safe before walking again.

Then the audience gets behind the scenes on the stage with Do. and Ha Joon, as their characters got entangled in an argument, causing D.O. to hit Ha Joon. After an awkward silence after the fake punch, D.O. quickly rushes to Ha Joon with an apology, the two of them, as well as other actors and crew members burst into laughter.

He then proceeds to the scene where many of the actors of the drama meet for the first time together with D.O. enters into a conversation with Lee Si On while Lee Se Hee is standing next to him. After the scene ends, Li Si He shyly looks into the camera, not quite sure what to do now that the official cameras have stopped rotating.

The video ends with several interviews with D.O. and Lee Se Hee, where D.O. admits, “Before going to bed, I was nervous and worried. But after he actually went on set, it was a lot of fun,” and he says that, in his opinion, the first day of filming went very well. Lee Se Hee expresses very similar thoughts, saying that she is the kind of person who falls asleep as soon as her head touches the pillow, but found herself experiencing a mixture of nervousness and excitement, like Dio. was. “I’m excited to see how much fun the shoot is going to be,” she says enthusiastically.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video here!


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