See Carolina Sandoval’s transformation in photos


At 46, Carolina Sandoval has built an artistic career that has led her to star in the most memorable on-screen conflicts, however her strong character and her way of being have also left her with thousands of followers who love to see her on screen. Sandoval has been active since 1998 when it began to have its first opportunities and so you can see the transformation it has had over the years, we leave you some photographs.

1. Its beginnings

When she began her career she was approximately 25 years old. Her first appearance on screen was in the Venezuelan telenovela Amor Mío in 1998. The following years she would seek jobs behind the screen, she collaborated with El Gordo and La Flaca, as well as with the magazines TvNotas and Tv y Novelas.

2. Her reputation as “La Venenosa” begins

Little by little Carolina was integrated to the small screen as a host, she was on Escándalo Tv and later arrived at La Tijera, in 2009, a program where she became known as “La Venenosa”. At that time she showed off a long black hair.

3. The following projects

After 3 years on the air, La Tijera ended its broadcast and Carolina migrated to Tómbola, which did not last long. She received invitations to various programs such as Don Francisco’s and won some awards for being “The most daring driver.” In 2013 she joined Suelta la Sopa.

4. Your new nickname

In 2016, after giving birth to her second daughter, a new nickname would identify her. Carolina was called “The Queen of the Belt” because of a video that caused a sensation. She did what few famous people back then: show that the secret behind her curves was the shapewear.

5. The following years

A couple of years later, she remained one of the most controversial conductors of Suelta la Sopa. In 2018, she returned to the long, black hair that characterized her from the beginning.


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