Security and agility: the advantages of the smart camera


Have you ever imagined having the power to take care of your own security, check on your home, office or beach house and, above all, have more peace of mind for your family? That is why smart cameras are becoming a trend.

But what are the advantages of the equipment?


Smart cameras are compatible with other types of electronics such as smartphones, tablets, TVs and even a smart speaker, such as Amazon’s Echo Dot, which is equipped with Alexa virtual assistant.

Real-time security

This connectivity makes it possible for you to monitor the space you want, receiving movement notifications at any time directly in the palm of your hand and providing real-time monitoring.

Wi-Fi connection

And the best part: to enjoy all this facility, just connect the equipment to your Wi-Fi network. The connection is made in a simple and intuitive way.

But if you want to make your home smart, you may be wondering which is the best security camera. That’s why we’ve separated some models for you to find your new smart camera. Check out.

Intelbras IC3 Security Camera

With HD resolution, the Intelbras model has the advantage of being able to be installed in an environment without any brightness, since it has night vision mode. It also has 111º vision and two-way audio to communicate with the monitored environment.


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