Secure unlimited conversations on WhatsApp Web


Discover the trick to leave several conversations pinned to facilitate access on the computer with WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is one of the main methods to get in touch with friends or even coworkers. In turn, by maintaining constant contact with a person, on the cell phone, it is very possible that you have already tried to set the conversation so that it always stays in an easily accessible place.

When using WhatsApp Web, by default, you can pin up to 3 conversations only, and this process can be done from your cell phone. Fortunately, this small limitation is circumvented with a small procedure to be carried out in your browser, which allows you to leave countless conversations fixed on the platform. Next, you will learn how to set up countless conversations on WhatsApp Web.


As previously stated in Somagnews, this tutorial explains how to pin chats on WhatsApp Web using a method that is not considered official. In addition, it should be noted that the “fixed conversations” with the trick below are only “anchored” in WhatsApp Web, that is, when using WhatsApp on your cell phone, you will only see the three conversations that were fixed with the mobile.


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