Secrets You May Not Know About JUNGKOOK


Jungkook is the smallest of BTS and yet he hides secrets from his past that make anyone cry.

Jungkook is the youngest of BTS that has made all the other members of the group see him as a little brother or someone to take care of, however, for Jungkook it has not been easy at all to adapt to living with so many people but he is always grateful .

Jungkook did not have an easy life, this is told by the YouTube channel SeokLove, who recently shared a video titled “Things you may not have known about Jungkook, that will make you cry”, and in 3:33 minutes they tell you how the process has been Jungkook’s adaptation to BTS and the changes in his short life.

Jungkook secrets

This handsome young man has fallen in love with the heart of the fandom of BTS -ARMY- who defend him tooth and nail also say the gossip that has also captivated the heart of Jimin, one of his teammates in the boy band but this is a simple open secret which has yet to be officially confirmed.

BTS changed his life

Jungkook has a tender and charming face that if he were to tell you what he has lived, you would surely end up in a sea of ​​tears but so that you have no doubts, here below we leave you the video of SeokLove so that you know these secrets in the life of the little one idol who is currently a millionaire.

Jungkook’s fortune

It is said that this idol has accumulated an exorbitant amount of eight million dollars during his time in the artistic guild and surely this amount will increase as each of the members of BTS become more famous every day.

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Who is your favorite BTS? You knew all these Jungkook secrets.


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