Secretlab Titan XL Chair Review (2022) Overwatch 2: Genji Brings Comfort


The Secretlab Titan XL Overwatch 2 chairs collaboration adds painstaking attention to detail along with what remains one of the best gaming thrones.

Earlier this year, we reviewed the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 chair and were very impressed. It’s a beast and certainly a talking point, but Secretlab has built its reputation not only on great chairs, but also on thoughtful collaboration.

There are many options between crossovers with Batman, League of Legends, Fortnite and many others. And yet the new Overwatch 2 collection may just be the best — and I can’t play Genji to save my life.


The Secretlab chairs certainly have a striking figure, and, as expected, the silhouette here is very similar to the existing Titan line.

This is a “racing” chair with a leatherette covering both the back and the seat. In our test sample, there is a Premium armrest cover that can be easily replaced, and the armrests themselves can be raised, lowered and rotated in or out.

The chair itself can recline back with a side level, but if you’re a fidget spinner like me, you can unlock the backrest so it can move with you. There is also a comfortable magnetic pillow made of memory foam, and although it may slip a little, it is a more elegant solution than in previous versions, in which the belt encircled the upper part of the chair.

So, what about the details of Overwatch 2? Well, at first glance it’s pretty obvious that this is a Genji theme. The dexterous DPS character is represented by a light green letter “V”, similar to his visor, and some other cool characters in a cybernetic style.

However, the back is perhaps the most impressive, with intricate stitching of the same neon green color, which in the smallest detail demonstrates the spirit of the dragon Genji. This is really impressive and confirms that Secretlab designers are the best in their game.

Assembly and configuration

This attention to Genji’s attributes actually extends to the assembly instructions, which are presented on a kind of cardboard poster showing the hero along with his abilities.

Flip it over, and although it may seem intimidating at first, it took about half an hour to assemble everything. However, we recommend resorting to the help of a second person, since moving several parts into place at the same time may require some effort.


Among other things, the Secretlab Titan XL Overwatch 2 chair is just as comfortable as the standard Secretlab Titan XL chair.

This means it’s perfect for tall people (my height is 6ft 4ft) with height adjustment so it fits under the table. Even without a memory foam pillow, you feel comfortable, helping to maintain your posture for a long time.

Secretlab Titan XL Genji chair press shot

This means that, despite the difficulties with many chairs, I can sit in the Secretlab Titan XL Overwatch 2 chair for, say, eight or nine hours during the working day, and at the same time feel comfortable enough to return to it in the evening, playing games. online.

Is it worth buying?

If you are playing Overwatch 2 or are a main Genji player and are looking for a new chair, then the Secretlab Titan XL Overwatch 2 chair is an easy solution.


It is comfortable, looks great and will last for many years, even if you sit in it as long as I do.


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