The secret of Turkey’s fight against Corona Virus


All over the world Covidien-19 (coronavirus) grappled with decisions taken under the pre-emergence of the epidemic in Turkey, lies and successful crisis management plan prepared.

Covid-19 (coronavirus) disease, which emerged in China in December 2019, has become a global epidemic, causing thousands of deaths. In the epidemic world, there is almost no country left. Spread among the few countries had in Turkey. Everyone ‘How is it that this virus does not appear in Turkey, “he discussing this work, we see that due to the measures taken in advance.

Behind the background lies a circular issued by President Erdogan in April 2019. Erdogan shows that with a series of decisions taken before the outbreak last year, preparations for such a possible epidemic have already begun.

In the circular issued by President Erdogan, influenza viruses are a respiratory tract disease, especially in autumn and winter, and seasonal influenza (flu) causes outbreaks that cause deaths of many people from time to time, and it is seen globally. and it is noted that a new type of influenza virus may occur due to changes in the genetic structure of influenza viruses and it can gain the ability to pass easily from person to person, stating that it can lead to outbreaks called pandemics, the development of the infection that has never been in contact with the new type of influenza virus or caused by the virus. It is stated that a pandemic can arise by affecting a significant number of people who are prone.

In the Circular, the measures to be taken by public institutions and organizations against the possibility of such a pandemic that may affect the majority of the population are listed as follows:

1- The ‘Pandemic Influenza National Preparation Plan’ (Plan), prepared under the coordination of the Ministry of Health, where the ministries and other public institutions and organizations are specified, will be published on the web address, Detailed information and current announcements on the subject will be made regularly at this address.

2- “Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Activity Plan” will be prepared under the coordination of the governorships in order to determine the work to be done during the pandemic and to reduce the impact of the pandemic in the society.

3- Procurement of additional services, units, areas, tools and materials needed in the province in order to provide healthcare services in hospitals and treatment centers as well as in public institutions in cooperation with the provincial health directorates in order to prevent the provision of services in a global flu epidemic. to be scheduled.

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4- In order to inform the public institutions and organizations, information and cooperation meetings will be organized by the provincial health directorates under the coordination of the Ministry of Health in the center and the governorships in the provinces, and the practices will be followed by the Ministry of Health.

5- In the pandemic period, necessary measures will be taken so as not to cause any disruption in public services, and the central and provincial organizations of the Ministry of Health will be required to implement the “Pandemic Influenza National Preparation Plan” and “Pandemic Influenza Provincial Preparation and Activity Plan” and to perform the duties within this scope. All kinds of contributions and support will be provided urgently by all public institutions and organizations.

With this circular, which prevents the virus first seen in Turkey’s President Erdogan’s foresight and harmonious working of the government, perhaps we can say is the biggest factor.

Another thing we need to focus on from the moment it appeared the virus to increase Turkey’s measures.

When we look at the information that Health Minister Fahrettin Koca shared on the map of the United Nations World Health Organization (ILO) coronavirus, we can see the effect of the epidemic on the world.

It is also necessary to appreciate the measures taken by the Minister Koca to make and prevent them in a coordinated manner from the very first moment. Looking at the Ministry of Health Circular business in compliance with all other institutions of the execution of the secretion-fighting business, Turkey is the most effective reason for the virus to enter the territory can say.

In this context, it has been very appropriate for the public health to determine and implement the necessary measures before the outbreak starts. However, it is important that the measures are further intensified and there is no loss of life. It is also necessary to inform and raise awareness about the corona virus and other influenza both before and after the epidemic.

Turkey should all municipalities in cities as well as all other institutions are very sensitive on this issue. Looking down to the finest detail. The situation in Bursa, the city we live in, is maintained in the same way.


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