Secret Stranger Things Message in Sex Education


Netflix’s Sex Education has gained the audience’s admiration with its mixture of racy comedy and touching tragedy, but this admiration will increase even more with the sending of a new hidden Stranger Things.

Sex Education, created by Laurie Nunn, was showcased in 2019, gained great success and was released in the second season of early 2020.

The series is largely about Otis Milburn and Maeve Wiley, who run an underground sex therapy clinic in their schools while struggling with problems in their own lives and relationships.

On the other hand, as departments progress, Sex Education gradually expands its focus to a community of emotionally advanced and original characters. One of the most successful among these plots was that of Adam Groff.

The guy, played by Connor Swindells, started his life in the series as a typical bully. Otis’ best friend was the gay target of Eric. The man had made his life unbearable for years.

However, during the first season, Adam’s behavior turned out to be largely due to his nervous relationship with his father (which caused his anger to be misleaded). Adam’s passion manifested itself differently with the appearance of his suppressed sexual attraction to Eric.

The second season continued from where Adam was exiled to military school. Fortunately, this experience worked surprisingly, and Adam somewhat recognized acceptance and discipline.

Although he was sent back home soon, Adam continued to work on improving himself and making up for his old mistakes. So he ultimately adopted his identity as bisexual and sought a real relationship with Eric.

An early indication of Adam’s delicate side came to the fore at the end of the first season of Sex Education.

Trying to work as a dog walker, Eric met Adam, who was on his way to tour his mother’s dog, Madam. Although the conversation eventually became unpleasant, Adam impressed Eric and rarely smiled the way Eric showed him, showing both intimacy and the ability to train them.

In the second season, this ability came to the fore again. Perhaps pointing to the possibility of a slim career for Adam … However, things went wrong and distracted, Adam had not noticed Madam’s escape.

After that, Adam was told to find the dog that had escaped. Part of his efforts to achieve this was to post ads around the town.

As a careful Reddit user noticed, Adam’s postings contained more affinity than the effort made to find Will Byers in the first season of Stranger Things, according to the news in Screen Rant.

The first season of Stranger Things, created by the Duffer brothers, had largely been around Will’s drift to the land known as The Upside Down.

But before the characters got to know this, Despite the efforts of Hawkins Lab to cover up the event, Will’s brother, Jonathan, had also prepared ads to call him. As can be clearly seen from the images on Reddit, the format of the ads is almost identical.

In both ads, the title says, “Have You Seen Me?” Written in capital letters, and the two pictures of the searcher are given side by side. Even the order followed in the recipes is almost the same; name, age, height, color, eye color etc.

Funnyly, even the weights of the dog Madam and Will Byers at first glance seem the same. Although Will is a weak boy, this is of course unlikely.

Thus, a closer look reveals the comma between the numbers 7 and 3 in Madam’s poster. This makes it 7.3 pounds (about 3.3 kg) versus Will’s 73 pounds (about 33.1 kg). The use of specific numbers, however, shows that direct similarity is created consciously.

This is a nice detail that adds a totally different depth to the comedy-drama series.

Likewise, given that both Sex Education and Stranger Things are Netflix original series, it’s a great example of sophisticated cross-marketing.


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