“Secret mode” coming soon for PUBG Mobile


It is possible to say that PUBG Mobile offers many updates for the players. With these updates, the popular mobile game, which expands the space it takes on the phones, comes with a new stealth mode. With PUBG Mobile stealth mode, many people will have an even more enjoyable gaming experience.

PUBG Mobile opens secret mode doors to the pyramids

PUBG Mobile enthusiasts are about to switch to a new mode with different features within the Miramar Map next week. PUBG Mobile’s event called This Ancient Secret will begin on August 4 and is said to be similar to Halloween Mode or Anniversary Celebration Mode.

Secret Map is coming. Featuring a black sky in The Ancient Secret in Miramar, this new game mode will welcome gamers at the entrance. The interesting thing is that users are encountering pyramids.

In the video shared by Powerbang Gaming, it talks about the hidden modes added to the map of the game. At the same time, when entering these pyramids, players who will encounter a mini game will be able to collect different equipment. With this new stealth mode, which includes puzzles alongside mini-games, players can also join Boss Battle.

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