Secret meaning of music videos Spring Day story


Learn about the theory that speaks to the meaning of the song ‘Spring Day’ by BTS. ‘Spring Day’ is one of the promotional tracks of the record material ‘Your Never Walk Alone’, the official MV was released on February 13, 2017 through YouTube and so far has more than 335 million views.

A great team of collaborators struggled for the lyrics of the melody, including: Pdogg, RM, ADORA, Hitman, Bang, Arlissa Ruppert, Peter Ibsen and SUGA, who expressed their deepest feelings.

BTS’s works are always surrounded by different theories that generate many questions to fans, the music videos and song lyrics contain different clues that would indicate the possible meaning of their creative works.

This time we present you a theory that talks about the meaning of the song and the video ‘Spring Day’ by BTS:

On April 16, 2014, a tragedy wore South Korean citizens in mourning, as the Sewol ferry that was transporting more than 400 people, including students and teachers from Dawon High School, capsized and sank on the island of Jindo.

Students and teachers were returning from an excursion to Jeju Island, famous for being a haven for lovers of quiet destinations, with many museums and fun activities to do.

This fact is known as the Sewol tragedy, as most of the crew could not leave the ferry, an investigation revealed that the ship was carrying a load greater than allowed and there were many negligence in the rescue of the passengers.

Currently Captain Lee Jung Seok and other members of the ferry crew are in jail serving time for their unethical actions in the tragedy that left many victims and families destroyed.

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At the beginning of the MV of ‘Spring Day’ V is seen on some train tracks, with a slightly sad face and it seems that he is waiting for someone very special to him, later, Jungkook appears inside a moving train, some Shadows seen in the background seem to be carrying school uniforms and backpacks.

Jimin observes the sea in a melancholic way, while RM goes through some train cars and arrives at ‘Omelas’ a place where he meets Suga and J-Hope, at the end of his journey he meets his fellow BTS, or what appear to be precious memories he had with them.

Those who abandon Omelas’ is a story by Ursula K. Le, the text is about the speakers of a town that little by little have been abandoning their homes. The boys constantly keep going their way, Jimin on the sea, V on the tracks, Jin on the stairs, RM on the wagons, but they always return to the same place.

The boys of BTS are said to represent the families and victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy, who feel trapped in their feelings, family members unable to process the departure of their loved ones, while victims do not assimilate what it happened.


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