Secret Invasion: Kingsley Ben-Adir to play villain in series


According to the American portal Deadline, actor Kingsley Ben-Adir, known for One Night in Miami, was cast as one of the villains of the Marvel Secret Invasion series. With that, he joins the two other names already confirmed in the cast: Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn.

In addition to One Night in Miami, Kingsley Ben-Adir is also known for titles such as Noelle (also from Disney +), High Fidelity, The OA and Peaky Blinders.

Samuel L. Jackson returns to his role as Nick Fury, while Ben Mendelsohn also revives Talos. Although production has announced that Ben-Adir will be one of the series’ villains, his character has yet to be revealed.

Learn more about the Marvel Secret Invasion series

The series is part of the 4th phase of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), but does not have a premiere yet. Provided by the Disney + streaming platform, the plot tells the story of the Skrulls, characters initially presented in the film Captain Marvel.

Skrulls are metamorphoses capable of acquiring the appearance they want. Thus, Secret Invasion presents Skrulls who managed to infiltrate the Earth, assuming the identity of several authority figures over time.

Already confirmed by both Marvel and Disney +, the series had one more piece of information confirmed by the end of WandaVision. In one of the post-credits scenes in the series, the character Monica Rambeau meets an FBI agent who is actually a Skrull, warning that “someone in space” wants to speak to her. That someone is probably Nick Fury, connecting the trajectories of Captain Marvel, WandaVision and Secret Invasion.

In addition to Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn and Kingsley Ben-Adir, new cast names have yet to be confirmed.

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