Secret Invasion: Emilia Clarke and Cobie Smulders Photos Leaked


Secret Invasion: Marvel is developing an original series for the plot of Secret Invasion, which will premiere on Disney+ in the year 2022, but no specific date has been announced yet.

So, the cast of the newest MCU series is filming several scenes around various locations, and this week, photos of stars Emilia Clarke and Cobie Smulders were leaked on set.

Check out more details about these leaks from the Secret Invasion series below.

Emilia Clarke is first seen on the set of Secret Invasion and Cobie Smulders appears as Maria Hill

The Secret Invasion series is set to be a big hit in the MCU, with the return of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and filming is already happening in an accelerated way in several public places.

In this way, some photographers caught some images from one of the filming locations of the series and we can see Emilia Clarke for the first time, although it has not been disclosed what her role will be in the plot.