Secret Headquarters Reviews in, See What Critics Have to Say about Owen Wilson’s superhero movie


Given the huge success of the Marvel Cinematic universe, it’s not surprising that other studios besides Disney are creating family stories about superheroes, such as Secret Headquarters. But how did the film end? We have received reviews of the 2022 film, which will be released on Paramount+ this weekend. Let’s see what critics are saying about Secret Headquarters.

The trailer for “Secret Headquarters” promises a superhero adventure with the participation of the main character of the new series about Percy Jackson, Walker Scobell from the Adam project. In the film, Scobell plays Owen Wilson’s son, who, along with his friends, discovers the secret headquarters of the most powerful superhero in the world under his house. When a villain (played by Michael Pena) is hiding, the children must work together to help save the world.

We’ll start with a review of Secret Headquarters by Mike Reyes, made by CinemaBlend. Our critics gave the film an unsuccessful 1.5 out of 5 stars and called it “boring” and “sick”. Here’s what else he had to say about it:

Even Owen Wilson’s carefree charm can’t convince that this movie deserves to occupy a place on the streaming server.

It’s fair to say that he really didn’t like it. Although he said it’s “not a complete train wreck,” the film is completely reinsured and “doesn’t do its job” in a “disappointing” way. There are quite a few other reviews about Secret Headquarters that also tend to the negative side of the spectrum. Tomris Laffley of the AV Club called the film a “boring journey”, writing the following:

The classic conflict underlying this fairy tale is always a winning one: what child doesn’t want to discover that his dad is much cooler than it seems at first glance? But Secret Headquarters is squandering that potential due to a baffling inability to tell a full-fledged story about red meat concepts like family and friendship.

Luffley focused on the weak script of the film, where, according to him, “Secret Headquarters” ignored important elements of the narrative, such as “world-building, emotional climaxes, or even basic character development.” David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter was also not impressed with the Owen Wilson movie. He said this in his review:

This is a surprisingly toothless record from the usually brighter, more testosterone—fueled Jerry Bruckheimer Films factory – not terrible, but completely unremarkable, its script is imbued with humor that rarely comes across. Unless you find constant jokes with fanny packs screaming.

Jerry Bruckheimer was the producer of such popular films as “The Best Shooter: Maverick”, “Treasure of the Nation” and “Bad Guys”, but, nevertheless, “Secret Headquarters” does not make such an impression as they do. Alex Madi from JoBlo continued the general theme with her opinion about the film, writing the following:

Secret Headquarters is a prime example of a project with a lot of talents with experience in making comic book films who have failed to capture the energy that makes Marvel Studios such a consistent organization. With some solid special effects and a talented cast of performers, Secret Headquarters can’t help but seem like a cheap imitation, not something original.

Although most reviewers don’t show much interest in Secret Headquarters, not all recommend viewers skip this feature. Judy Dry of IndieWire found the film “original” with smart humor and lighthearted action. According to them:

In general, Secret Headquarters is a very exciting trip for children and adults. It may not become a franchise, but maybe it should. Hollywood, are you listening?

“Secret Headquarters” will be available for streaming with a Paramount+ subscription on August 12. And Owen Wilson is going to return to the sphere of superheroes with the second season of “Loki”, which is due to be released in the summer of 2023.


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