The Secret Feature of Google Gboard that Makes One-Handed Writing Easy


On Google’s Gboard keyboard, there is a hidden feature that will come to your rescue at the point where one-handed operation mode is insufficient. If you want to write faster with one hand, you can use this feature that you can shape the keyboard as you wish.

Nowadays, the screens of smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. The increase in screen sizes brings some difficulties, especially for users with short fingers. One of these difficulties is writing with one hand.

We don’t all hold our phones in the same way. Some of us hold with different hands, some of us above or below the keyboard. Naturally, it is difficult to navigate with our thumb on the keyboard, sometimes we can even drop our phone. However, a hidden feature on Google’s Gboard keyboard avoids all these problems.

Hidden accessibility feature available on Google Gboard
While the one-hand operation mode on Google’s keyboard is a feature that helps you type faster, there are also users who need more flexibility. The hidden feature of Gboard offers you great convenience by allowing you to shape and drag the keyboard to your desired location.

To activate the feature, long press the comma key and drag your finger to the square icon with one hand on it to switch to one-handed mode. Now with Gboard portrait mode on, tap the icon (with squares and arrow) at the bottom of the sidebar menu. A blue box will be formed around the keyboard as it gets a dimmer look.

That blue box allows you to position your keyboard wherever you want and adjust its size. You can drag the blue rectangle that indicates the boundaries of the keyboard in any direction, or adjust it to the size you want by holding the edges. After deciding on the position and size, tap the check mark on the right to save your changes.

With this hidden feature of Gboard, you can now use your keyboard comfortably with your desired hand and type faster. You can see how the feature works from the image here.


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