The secret you didn’t know about Jungkook will surprise you


The idol has a characteristic that many want to have.

Recently, Jungkook broke a record on Twitter thanks to his cover of “Never Not”, it has also caused a stir on social networks by showing his mysterious tattoos.

However, the idol has something that manages to catch the attention of others and that gives it many positive qualities, not only physical, but in its personality, we tell you what it is about.

A photo of Jungkook’s jaw circulates on social networks , which shows the angle that this part of his face forms. At first glance it may be just a physical trait, but it goes further. The idol is lucky to have a 130 degree angle , considered to be the perfect measurement.

How does it benefit you?

According to various psychological and scientific studies, this part of the face gives said person an aura of confidence, beyond physical attractiveness, specialists also ensure that boys who have a perfect jaw are in good health.

Kookie also has photogenic magic , meaning it will always look good in any portrait. This trait is enviable to many, has even inspired artists to create paintings and sculptures with very masculine traits, Hitler praised the Discus Thrower statue of Miron for its perfection.

Some ARMY have expressed that it is one of the idol’s favorite traits . Undoubtedly, the confidence that Jungkook inspires you is thanks to this quality.


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