‘Secret cooperation’ detected between Huawei and Beijing


The British Parliament shared a shocking conclusion regarding an investigation it carried out on Huawei. According to the parliament, the Beijing government and the Chinese Communist Party and Huawei have a secret cooperation agreement.

Huawei faces secret cooperation investigation

As a result of the pressures of lawmakers in the past days, efforts to remove Huawei from the 5G infrastructure in the UK have been started. It was stated that after this, the ties with the company would be completely cut in 2027 at the latest. In addition, an agreement was reached with the Finnish technology giant Nokia for the continuation of the 5G infrastructure. A blow to the firm, which is now slowly preparing to get itself out of the country’s market, came through the Parliament.

Huawei gizli işbirliği

According to the report of the BBC, in the report on the investigation carried out, it was claimed that Beijing has provided a support of 75 billion dollars for the growth of Huawei in the last 3 years and this situation caused the company to sell its technology for funny money. In addition, the report provided evidence that Huawei is involved in activities such as intelligence, security and intellectual property. In addition, it was also stated in the report that Beijing is threatening to keep Huawei in the UK’s 5G infrastructure.

On the subject, a denial came from Huawei with jet speed. In the statement made by the company, it was mentioned that the report does not reflect the facts and does not have any reliability since it is built on ideas.

Although the company is now experiencing its last days in the island country, it seems to continue its investments in Europe. Because the Chinese company has started attempts to sell its infrastructure in 5G technology to other countries.


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