The secret behind Lady Noh in The King: Eternal Monarch


Who really is Lady Noh? The story of the drama The King: Eternal Monarch includes a series of ideas that can be confusing for viewers, as we delve into this narrative, we witness how some mysteries are solved while new ones begin to emerge.

The same has happened with the characters, in some cases it is difficult to interpret what role they are playing, but there are others who from the beginning have revealed their intentions, for this reason, the last episode of this story, generated great confusion on the part of the viewers, giving way to different theories.

The Lady Noh character has remained with King Lee Gon from the beginning of the plot, as a babysitter but also a great support for someone who has lost his family, for that reason it was assumed that he has been part of the trusted personnel in the palace from his first years of life, but this last episode indicates that it was not.

Lady Noh met with Tae Eul and announces that she will ask her some questions hoping that she can keep the secret of this meeting and answer her honestly. The nana del Rey begins to tell him about her life, her family and relevant dates for her, announcing that she left her homeland years ago, because of this, Lady Noh wants to know what happened in the war started in 1950.

Tae Eul’s surprise reaction is clear, the war mentioned by Lady Noh is part of the history of the Republic of Korea, but at that time, the history of the Kingdom of Korea was another, let’s remember that previously while Lee Gon investigated about the two worlds managed to identify the point at which their development separated, giving way to these two realities.

For that reason, we can interpret Lady Noh as belonging to the Republic of Korea, but how did she get to the other world? According to this, before Lee Rim someone else already knew of the existence of both realities and crossed the portal, but we do not know with what intentions or if it was who guided Lady Noh so that she could cross.


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