Second Wave Warning For Corona Virus From Harvard University


Scientists from Harvard University in the USA made a statement about the coronavirus epidemic that ravaged the world. In the statement, it was stated that the social distance will continue until 2022 and health systems cannot handle a second wave.

The coronavirus outbreak has affected the world. This pandemic, one of the most serious epidemics humanity has faced for many centuries, is trying to be stopped by scientists and healthcare professionals from all over the world.

Another explanation about pandemic came from scientists working at Harvard University in the USA. Experts said in their statements that social distance practices are likely to continue until 2022 and that health systems cannot handle a second wave.

Health systems can not lift the second wave
In the statement made, it was stated that if the time spent under quarantine at home and social distance practices were removed with the decrease in the number of cases, the epidemic was suspected to recur. In the current situation, it was announced that the healthcare system and its employees could not handle a second wave.

Experts did not neglect to touch on the subject of vaccination. Stating that there is not much unknown about Covid-19, the researchers said that finding a vaccine or treatment will not have much effect in the first place.

Social distance measures may continue until 2022, according to experts who state that coronavirus will be effective in people’s lives periodically just like flu. Researchers did not elaborate on this.

Coronavirus measures are on the agenda of the USA
The United States is also frequently subject to news with the actions taken regarding the measures taken and not taken regarding coronavirus. According to some of the Americans, the epidemic is overgrown, and they want quarantine practice to end and businesses to reopen.

On the other hand, truckers, truck drivers and other necessary jobs demand that the federal government take action to protect them, stating that the protection measures taken for them are insufficient. While it is not known when the outbreak will end, efforts are gradually initiated to normalize life around the world. In our country, the beginning of the normalization process is marked after the Eid al-Fitr.


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