Second Quarantine Zone Announced in the Last 24 Hours in Spain


The government announced the second quarantine zone after the coronavirus incidents rose again in Spain. Entries and exits to the La Marina area were banned for five days due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The coronavirus pandemic continued with quarantine processes for a long time. Then step by step to normalization was made. On the other hand, it was stated that as a result of the problem in normalization, administrations can go to quarantine again.

These measures came to the agenda again after the sudden and rapid rise of cases in Spain. A quarantine was declared in a second region within 24 hours in the country. The quarantine in the area called La Marina will last 5 days.

Going back to quarantine?

Starting from Sunday night, there will be no entry or exit in Spain’s La Marina area for five days. The decision was made after 100 people had positive coronavirus tests during the screening performed in the region.

In the region located in the northwest of the country, wearing masks in public areas is made mandatory, while crowdings of more than 10 people are prohibited, except for those living in the same household.

It is stated that the population of the region is 70 thousand people, and these citizens can freely move between the 14 municipalities of La Marina. Still, people are advised not to leave their area.

Control of the outbreak is not easy

Jesus Vazquez Almuina, the health minister of the region, said in a statement that the increase was particularly associated with some bars in the region. Probably the neglect of social distance rules in public spaces has revived the epidemic, but there is no official statement yet.

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In Spain, a quarantine decision was announced indefinitely in the Segria region of Catalonia. 209 thousand people living in the region will not be able to get out of their regions for an indefinite period, and nobody from outside can enter this region. While the total number of cases in Spain was 205,545, the number of deaths was 28,385.

Paying attention to social distance, wearing a mask and taking care of our hygiene will prevent us from having to take similar measures in the future. In this period, it is in our hands to protect both ourselves and those around us.


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