Second move for the desktop version from Instagram!


She started studying well for her desktop version of Instagram. Instagram is on our agenda with a live broadcast move. Recently, DM adds a new feature to the desktop version of the application, which activates the direct message feature and is available to many users: Live broadcasts. Live broadcasts that you can normally watch on Instagram’s mobile app will now be viewable on the desktop version.

Instagram live stream move for desktop
With this move, live broadcasts can now be watched from the desktop version of Instagram. This move is important because in the quarantine process, many employees continue to work at home and computer use rates have increased significantly.

Accordingly, desktop versions of normally mobile applications became preferable. Web versions of popular apps, especially Instagram and WhatsApp, are very popular right now.

In order to use this popularity, Instagram has already added direct messages to its desktop version.

By updating the desktop version for those who want to participate in live broadcasts, Instagram now allows its users to participate in the broadcasts. This feature has a detail, and if you want to start a live broadcast, you still need a phone. So this new move involves only joining as a “audience”.

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