Sebastian Bear-McClard looked “happy” during a walk in the Hamptons after breaking up with Emily Ratajkowski


Go further? Against the background of the recent breakup of Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard, the film producer was seen with friends and seems to be in a good mood.

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“He was with a group of four guys. They all looked happy, laughing and grabbing a bunch of supplies as if they were having a party later in the day,” an eyewitness exclusively tells Us Weekly on Sunday, August 7, after spotting 35—year-old Bear-McClard at a gourmet grocery store. Chitarella in East Hampton, New York.

The insider adds: “He doesn’t seem to have been bothered by the drama in his life at all.”

The star’s walk in the Hamptons “Heaven Knows What” comes after Us confirmed his breakup with the 31-year-old model last month. Earlier this year, Ratajkowski sparked breakup rumors after she was spotted in New York without an engagement ring.

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The I Feel Pretty actress and Sebastian Bear-McClard, who got married in February 2018, have not yet publicly announced their breakup. However, a source told us that he is not ready to give up their romance yet.

“Sebastian is trying to get a second chance with Emily, but she doesn’t want to be together again,” a second source told us earlier this month, noting that there was a “cheating incident” that contributed to their breakup. “Emily saw some of his private messages and it became a template.”

While the couple, who live separately, have not yet admitted the charges of infidelity, Ratajkowski “liked” several social media posts about her former partner’s alleged infidelity.

The London native, who gave birth to the couple’s first child, son Sylvester, in March 2021, was first linked to Bear-McClard a few weeks before their wedding in court in 2018. “Oooooh, I have a surprise. I got married today,” Ratajkowski signed the slide show on Instagram at the time.

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Throughout their relationship, the actress openly talked about her problems.

“I just got married to my husband when he casually remarks: “There are so many beautiful women in the world.” I freeze when he says that. I know that this is a perfectly acceptable and truthful remark, and yet I feel a familiar tremor in my stomach,” she wrote in her memoir “My Body” in November 2021. “He feels the switch; he feels the momentary tension in my body. -“I don’t know,” I answer. I press my face against his chest, ashamed of my reaction. “I don’t know why it hurts me to hear you say that.” I can see that he wants to comfort me, but he is confused. I want him to comfort me too, but I don’t know why I need it. Why do I suddenly feel that he doesn’t love me enough?”

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