Seasonal Holidays: What Google Doodle Means


The announcement that the end of the year holidays are coming is already being felt from the north with Google and its doodle.

Seasonal Holidays , yes, in English, is the Google doodle that marks the beginning of seasonal holidays in the northern hemisphere, where the cold reigns. It is precisely the winter break for the Christmas, New Year and Three Kings holidays.

Seasonal Holidays is what the United States is experiencing, after the Thanksgiving holidays, “Thanksgiving” in English. The cold invites recollection, and recollection, introspection. Meditating is not bad, making a stop in life, either.

Google celebrates with great fanfare this Seasonal Holidays , an opportunity that kicks off the end of the year parties. Although summer reigns in this part of the planet, in other places the mistletoe gives way to snow and the characteristic pines.

That is why in the United States there is a real festive climate worthy of this Seasonal Holidays that destroys these two years of pandemic, rather, seeking to leave behind these memories, but without neglecting the necessary care to prevent coronavirus infections.

Go ahead with this Seasonal Holidays! May it be a fertile time for reflection, brotherhood, good wishes and actions. Christmas is coming, the date when we remember the birth of Jesus, the man of God who came to earth to save us and stayed in the Eucharist forever with us.