Season 6 of “Peaky Blinders”: Meet a new character who brings some news to the Shelby family


The penultimate fourth episode of “Sharp Visors” called “Sapphire” was released a few hours ago. The episode was probably the penalty of the sixth season so far. The music, cinematography, acting and script were top notch in this episode. The episode revealed the key plot points that will prove decisive at the end of the final seasons. We also met a new character who became a harbinger of terrible news.

“Sharp visors” revealed Dr. Tommy,

For those who have not watched the sixth season of “Sharp Visors”, it goes without saying that there are huge spoilers ahead.

The fourth episode begins with a heartbreaking sequence of Ruby’s final trials. At the procession, Tommy swears, and we quote: “The devils who did this will pay.” The nearly hour-long episode follows Tommy, full of rage, trying to take revenge and change the world.

Throughout the episode, Tommy is so caught up in what he calls “trying to do good” that he avoids urgent notifications and calls from the hospital where Ruby was admitted.

Finally, Lizzie asks Tommy to open an urgent telegram from the hospital, to which Tommy replies that it’s just bills for medical expenses that he paid. But Lizzie thinks otherwise.

In the final moments of the episode, Tommy opens the ad, and it turns out that it is an invitation to a personal meeting with Tommy’s family doctor, Mr. Wilson. Holford

Who is Dr. Holford, and what is the news?

As seen in the final moments of the show, Dr. Holford is Tommy Shelby’s personal doctor, which, at least, Lizzie doesn’t know about. Actor Anairin Barnard plays him in the series. Anairin announced on Twitter this morning that he will play this character.