Season 4 should answer your most important question


The Netflix streaming platform, after a year has passed since the end of season 2 of Cobra Kai, released the new episodes of the third installment of the series on January 1, 2021.

Throughout the series ‘hiatus year, fans did not stop speculating about Ali Mills’ return to the Karate Kid universe with the third season of Cobra Kai, which he reached with the final episode.

It should be remembered that the appearance of Elisabeth Shue with her role as Ali mills in the third season of Cobra was not confirmed before by the actress, nor by the team of the series. Hence, all the fans were shocked with surprise.

And is that as fans could see, Ali Mills appeared in the final episode of the third season of Cobra Kai, entitled “December 19,” meeting again with her love from the past Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka).

During the episode, Ali told Johnny that while the relationship between them hadn’t worked out in the past, he promised that he would always be there for him. Now that the sensei is the love interest of Carmen the mother of her student Miguel, Ali appears to remove the past.

Fans were left wondering what will happen next in Johnny Lawrence’s love life now that he is starting with Carmen, and if season 4 will bring Ali Mills back to stay present in what is to come for the sensei of the new Dojo ‘Tusk. of Aguila ‘. It only remains to wait for the next installment of Cobra Kai to answer it.

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