Season 4 paid tribute to the actor from the series who passed away in 2021


Cobra Kai finally appeared on the Netflix streaming platform with all ten episodes of the long-awaited season 4, but without one of the key actors whose character was one of the most important in the life of one of its protagonists, that of Johnny Lawrence, by William Zabka.

The sequel series to Karate Kid, since it first appeared on fan screens has explored moments from the past of Johnny Lawrence, who did not have an easy adolescence, and in large part it is due to the type of family relationship he maintained with his Millionaire stepfather Sid Weinberg, a character played by legendary actor Ed Asner.

In Cobra Kai, Asner played Johnny’s complicated stepfather, a man who tried to solve all problems with his money, something that greatly influenced the disastrous life of the character of Zabka. An influence that made him the character he is today in the series.

Cobra Kai season 4 was dedicated to actor Ed Asner, who passed away on August 21, 2021 at the age of 91. The star was well known for the large number of roles that he played in both film and television for more than six decades, for which he won seven Emmy Awards. In Cobra Kai, he appeared in a handful of episodes during seasons 1 and 3 as Sid.

Fans who watched Cobra Kai season 4 may have noticed that the series released a memorial to Ed Asner during the post-first episode credits. The last time he played his character was in season 3 when Johnny asked him for financial help for Miguel’s surgery. But, unfortunately he did not achieve his goal.

As fans will recall, throughout Cobra Kai, Sid openly demonstrated that he was never a good stepfather to Johnny, his biggest influence being the trauma that still haunts him since childhood. While Asner played a villain in the Netflix series, this is beside the point in real life, as he was an actor loved by all cast members including the creators of the drama, who spoke out after hearing the news of his death.