Season 4 of “Wild West World”: James Marsden will return after an absence in season 3


It is confirmed that James Marsden will return in the 4th season of “Wild West World” after an absence in the 3rd season. Marsden’s cute cowboy character Teddy Flood was one of the first presenters in season 1 of Wild West World. Dolores’ bloody revenge campaign in season 2.

Indeed, Teddy’s “Wild West World” arc seemed to have come to a complete end when his body was discovered by Delos’ security team at the end of season 2. Then it seems Season 3 confirmed Teddy’s final end as a character, as he wasn’t part of the Action. Of course, season 3 of Wild West World went far beyond the theme park, as it raised the stakes on everything that was revealed during the first two seasons, which made Teddy’s former role in action seem rather insignificant.

But now it seems that Teddy’s departure from “Wild West World” may not have been so permanent, and the character may not have been so insignificant. According to TVLine, Marsden’s return to the 4th season of “Wild West World” was confirmed at the ATX festival panel this weekend. No further details about Marsden’s specific role in season 4 were reported.

Of course, it’s important to note that Marsden’s return in season 4 of Wild West World does not guarantee the return of his character Teddy. Indeed, Evan Rachel Wood’s original character, Dolores, seems to have been left far behind, but Wood herself remains a cast member in the series. In fact, Wood is believed to be playing a brand new character in season 4 of Wild West World. So there is at least some chance that Marsden himself will return in season 4, playing a different character, and not Teddy.

The concept of reality, of course, is very changeable in the “Wild West World”, as are the concepts of life, death and identity. All this suggests that it is not at all surprising to see Marsden back in the ranks after his character not only died, but also remained on the sidelines for a significant period of time. The return of Marsden, on the one hand, can be perceived as a hint that “Wild West World” intends to go through some old school and return to the western-style setting, where Teddy was the main player, and Marsden himself seemed so comfortable. But, on the other hand, “Wild West World” rarely does anything predictable, so it’s really impossible to say that Marsden’s return to the cast may portend Teddy or the story as a whole. Fans will find out one way or another when the 4th season of “Wild West World” is released on HBO on June 26, 2022.