Season 4 of “True Detective” revealed an unexpected partner Jodie Foster and got great news from HBO


Not so long ago, rumors about the fourth season of “True Detective” calmed our deep-rooted expectation when it was revealed that Jodie Foster would be a co-host in the return of the HBO drama. With nothing but a promising team and concept, there was no certainty that this project would move forward. This has officially changed thanks to some great news: “A true detective: Country of the Night” received an order for a full series, and, moreover, Foster now has an unexpected and cool partner in the film.

Professional boxer/actress Kali Reis will play Detective Evangeline Navarro alongside Detective Liz Danvers played by Jodie Foster, as officially announced by HBO. In “True Detective: Night Country” two investigators are investigating the disappearance of six people from a remote Arctic research station, which, given the pedigree of the series, is likely to lead to some ominous discoveries.

Reis joins the series after making a huge splash with her indie film debut, the revenge thriller for human trafficking for sexual exploitation, Catch the Beautiful. Kali Reis made a strong impression, as this is her only released acting work. To see her intensity paired with the power of Jodie Foster is something that fans of “True Detective”, as well as anyone who loves a good, intense drama, should look forward to.

The creative team is completed by the screenwriter and director of “Tigers are not afraid” Issa Lopez, who will perform the same duties in “True Detective: Country of the Night”, and will also be the showrunner and executive producer. Noting the announcement of the casting of Kali Reis, which became public, Lopez shared the following message on Twitter:

These are my ladies. Danvers and Navarro. Into the Night we go.

At the moment, there is no planned release date for “True Detective: Night Country”. However, you can review the first three seasons of the series if you are an HBO Max subscriber.

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