Season 4 of Rainbow Six: Siege, High Caliber Is Announced To End Year 6


Rainbow Six: Siege: Ubisoft announced today (08) that High Caliber will be the fourth and final season of the 6th year of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, and will arrive featuring a new carrier, Outback map changes and other changes.

With the release of this year’s season 4, players will be introduced to Thorn, a Defender who uses Razorbloom Shells proximity detonators. The new operator can launch its explosives and trigger them, generating a blast that damages nearby opponents after a progressive countdown.

With medium-capable speed and armor, the Irish fighter is capable of carrying primary weapons like the new UZK50Gi or the M870. As secondary weapons, Thorn has at his disposal a 1911 TACOPS or the C75-AUTO.

The update will also bring changes to the Outback map, which, according to Ubi, was redesigned seeking greater balance and comfort for players. Not only the main buildings were modified, but also the external area of ​​the map, and the idea is “to allow the Attackers to create and execute more efficient strategies”. The company revealed that some areas were “renovated and cleaned to provide better lines of sight and more balance for players”.

Ubi also informed that High Caliber will bring news to Rainbow Six: Siege as the possibility for players to choose the color of their teams, choosing between blue, red and orange. In addition, Finka, Echo and Mozzie drones, bulletproof cameras and outdoor camera usage rules have all been rebalanced.

The update will also bring new customization features for Operators cards, new victory dances and more colors, as well as changes to the HUD. The producer also revealed that throughout the season new features will be added to the soft launch of Streamer mode for some creators.

Ubi also announced that the test server for season 4 of Rainbow Six: Siege will open on November 9, with tests carried out in three phases: the opening of the servers when the new season is released; on the arrival of the Test Server Lab, with “experimental content and resources still in production”; and in the balancing step, bringing “character balance updates and other in-game activities”.

High Caliber Season 4 of Year 6 of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege has not yet had its release date revealed. The game has versions for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.