Season 4 finale of Mayans MC: Who set fire to the warehouse?


FX’s popular Sons of Anarchy spin-off, Mayans MC, is over for now, but fans still have a lot of questions after the finale of Mayans MC Season 4. The episode features E.Z. Reyes’ retribution as the leader of the Mayans, and also brings back Tyg Traeger. So, who set fire to the warehouse at the end of the episode? Here’s what fans think about the mysterious man.

[Spoiler alert: Mayans MC season 4 finale, “When the Breakdown Happened at Midnight,” spoilers ahead.]

In the finale of the fourth season of “Maya”, a mysterious man set fire to a warehouse.

Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes | Prashant Gupta/FX

The finale of Mayans MC Season 4 began with Coco’s funeral, as he died earlier in the season from Sons of Anarchy. Soon after, fans see the return of Tig Traeger. Tig is in the hospital talking to Terry about the fact that his Sons are starting a war with the Maya, notes . Tig then meets with Alvarez in Los Angeles, and Tig explains to Alvarez how the sons’ war against the Maya began in the first place.

Later, EZ and Alvarez discuss Alvarez’s meeting with Teague. Alvarez is categorically against war, which is consistent with what he said to Teague during their meeting, but EZ has other plans. EZ turns on the switch along with the rest of the Santo Padre Mayans, allowing the club to unseat the president and reinstate someone else as leader by unanimous vote. Eventually, the club votes to remove Alvarez, and EZ becomes president and Bishop becomes his vice president. EZ notes that the club will work with Galindo and Soledad to transport more heroin than was previously possible and gain further control over California.

Unfortunately, in the end someone foils the plan. A mysterious figure arrives and burns heroin in Galindo and Soledad’s warehouse.

Who set fire to the warehouse? Many fans think it’s Angel or Miguel.

Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes and J.D. Pardo as E.Z. Reyes | Prashant Gupta/FX

Who is responsible for the arson of the warehouse and the destruction of heroin in the finale of the fourth season of Mayans MC?

Some fans on Reddit think it’s an Angel. Angel disapproves of EZ’s increasingly ruthless nature. In the season finale, EZ threatens Angel when Angel also questions EZ’s motives. It’s possible that it was EZ who destroyed the heroin and sabotaged his brother’s final plan.

“The silhouette really looks like him,” said a Reddit user. “You can almost see his beard and, of course, his long legs.”

“Posture, height and beard indicate an Angel,” another Reddit user noted. “The story will be like this: … EZ will definitely call the cartel, arrange a meeting and accept everything they offer. BUT, Angel will go against EZ’s decision, since we know that Angel is emotionally unstable and he doesn’t like how his brother cuts everyone up, so he will go to the warehouse and burn all the drugs.”

Others think it could have been Miguel.

“Do you remember the scene when Miguel was with his driver right before he was abducted?” another Reddit user noted. “The driver is really alive. He accidentally kills someone in her bedroom. It could be him. Miguel is grateful that he is alive, but he does not forgive.”

Will there be a 5th season of “Mayans MC”?

Tomorrow the season may be over, but we are not finished yet! Ask your questions below and join the cast of #MayansFX to discuss everything about season 4.

— Mayans MC (@MayansFX) June 15, 2022

Many fans are hoping to get answers in Mayans MC Season 5. So, will there be a fifth season of the show after the Mayans MC Season 4 finale?

Nothing has been confirmed yet for the fifth season. But showrunner Elgin James previously told Deadline that he hopes to continue the story for a possible seven seasons, such as “Sons of Anarchy.”

“Definitely, and that’s how we planned it, just because it’s a model we knew,” James said. “Then who knows? Shows usually don’t last seven seasons anymore, so it might just be another season. We just know that every time we have to live another day, we’ll just lay it all out.”

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