Season 3 Trailer for “I’ve Never Been” Reveals a New Possible Love Interest


Netflix has released the official trailer for the 3rd season of “I’ve Never Been”, introducing a brand new love interest in the mix. The school series, created by the graduate of the series “The Office” Mindy Kaling, was first shown on Netflix in April 2020, and it currently lasts for two seasons, and the third season will be released on August 12, 2022. A teenage girl, Devi Vishvakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), who is also going through the recent death of her father. The main cast of the series also includes Purna Jagannathan, Jaren Lewison, Richa Murjani, Ramona Young, Lee Rodriguez and Darren Barnett, and the narrator is professional tennis player John McEnroe.

As the seasons passed, Devi’s personal life became more and more complicated. During the first season, she pursued Paxton Hall’s popular boy Yoshida (Barnet), not realizing that her academic rival Ben Gross (Lewison) also fell in love with her very much. Season 2 began with her trying to balance her relationship with both boys, resulting in each of them collapsing during one terrible night. However, she and Paxton managed to find a way to reconcile, and they officially met at the end of season 2.

Today Netflix released the official trailer for season 3 of Never Have I Ever. The two-minute video tells about the school reaction to Devi and Paxton’s relationship. Taking part in “Dexton” turns out not to be the solution to all of Devi’s problems, as she expected, and their relationship more or less immediately becomes complicated with the appearance of a brand new Indian-American teenager named Des (Anirudh). Pisharody), which even Devi’s mom describes as hot.

Given Devi’s shaky relationship with Paxton, Des would certainly qualify as a potential love interest. When Devi’s love triangle becomes a love square, it will certainly shake up the dynamics of the series, adding some fresh blood just at the moment when the conflict between Ben and Paxton threatened to become too frayed. Considering the fact that Love will also be added in season 4 of “I’ve Never Been” (which will also be its last season), Michael Cimino as Victor in the role of a heartthrob skater named Ethan, Devi has a long way to go before she starts a relationship.

Never Have I Ever is a Netflix success story in terms of adding more Indian—American representatives to the pop culture sphere. Regardless of whether Devi turns out to be with Dez or not, his inclusion will undoubtedly help further enhance the mission of the show. By introducing a new character coming from the same culture but bringing a fresh perspective, the show will further expand its scope, as well as add more drama to the mix.


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