Season 3 of “Stranger Things” beats a new record

Stranger Things

It is not a novelty that the “Stranger Things” series has become a success since its premiere in 2016. The creation of the Duffer brothers has gained enough popularity to catapult a large percentage of its cast to fame and, It has marked a trend in many of the current productions, with its necessary dose of fantasy, terror, nostalgia and references to classic films.

But also the piece that was released years ago by Netflix, has just become the most watched original production in the history of the platform. According to the quarterly report provided by the company, the service assured that 64 million subscribers saw the third installment in the first month, far exceeding the figures of any other original series of the streaming giant.

The large numbers of “Stranger Things” also support the bold claims of producer Shawn Levy earlier this year, where he had warned that the third installment was the largest ever. Speaking to Thrillist, the executive explained that the team wanted to increase the action without forgetting the characters that had been so important to the success of the program.

Referring to his cast, Levy had advanced: “When we saw the strength of Millie Bobby Brown, and the potential to explode with the powerful figure of David Harbor, the Duffers were determined to form a duet for the second season. You will see a similar new dynamic in the third season that is the direct result of seeing what our actors can contribute, ”the producer warned in the interview.

The fourth season of “Stranger Things” has been tentatively scheduled to have its premiere in late 2020. Many desolate fans are waiting for several of the questions raised at the conclusion of the previous installment to be answered. The series in addition to being one of the great titles of the platform, has achieved a large number of nominations for awards, including 30 Emmy nominations and six victories.


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