Season 3 of Bridgerton will Make Lady Whistledown Much Worse


From the moment her first scandalous sheet was distributed among Londoners eager to gossip, Lady Whistledown from Netflix’s Bridgerton caused a real stir among respected citizens; and in the upcoming season 3 of the show, Penelope Featherington’s columnist is sure to get much worse. In the first two seasons of the record-breaking drama of the streaming service, the city newspaper woman acts as the driving force of the central plot, her honed wit and unprecedented knowledge of the London elite reveal the scandalous truth behind the city’s secular seasons. Penelope’s anonymity also makes Lady Whistledown especially intimidating for other characters who are so used to knowing and having fun with their enemies.

Presented as nothing more than a Regency-era tabloid newspaper, Lady Whistledown quickly makes her presence and intimacy known in Bridgerton’s season 1 episode “The Diamond of the First Water.” As the series progresses, many are eager to find out who from the inner circle of the very top freely talks about his personal life and benefits from it. It is only at the end of the first season that viewers learn the true identity of Lady Whistledown in the person of Penelope Featherington, Featherington’s youngest child and the most infamous Tone eavesdropper. In the role of Lady Whistledown, Penelope’s sharp tone and witty reports destroy the lives of the people closest to her and her family. Soon Penelope and her column will have a problem after Netflix announced that the 3rd season of Bridgerton will be dedicated to the romance of Colin Bridgerton and his friends-lovers with none other than Lady Whistledown herself.

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With her scandalous sheets so infamous for hiding deep romantic secrets of the upper fold, it’s hard to believe Penelope wouldn’t do her best to hide her own secrets, even creating chaos by using the overwhelming influence of her column. Because of this, the third season of the Bridgerton series will soon feature a massive enterprise of Lady Whistledown, much worse than anything we’ve seen from her in previous seasons. Gossip will flare up, passion will deepen, and the stakes will rise to protect Penelope’s secret.

There are several reasons why Penelope takes an uncompromising approach while maintaining her anonymity as Lady Whistledown, the first of which is that the column has already cost her personally. The second season of the series “Bridgerton” details the breakup of Penelope’s friendship with Eloise Bridgerton after Eloise learns the secret of Penelope’s identity. Despite the fact that Penelope decided to continue writing after their quarrel, she does not risk losing more friends or romantic relationships because of her career. To do this, she will have to raise the stakes on Lady Whistledown’s gossip, worsening the circumstances so that her peers take all eyes off her.

Another reason why Penelope won’t hold back in creating chaos for her peers is extremely simple: she likes it. For most of her life, Penelope was considered a quiet person, she was constantly ignored by male fans, female acquaintances, and even her own mother. They look down on her because she wants to learn to write, because she is interested in literature and studies. As Lady Whistledown, she can do whatever she likes and at the same time be obsessed with those who often prefer to pretend that she doesn’t exist.

But most importantly, Penelope wants to maintain a relationship with Colin. Since their budding romance is long awaited by both Penelope and Bridgerton’s viewers, nothing will keep Penelope from defending him. Thus, Lady Whistledown has a lot of digging to do, and the London elite has no idea what awaits her.