Season 3 of “Boys” Secretly Created a Gen V Spin-off


The 3rd season of “Boys” secretly organized the upcoming extra college show “Generation V” thanks to a quick Easter egg. The third season of the popular Prime Video satire about superheroes has once again introduced new elements in the universe of Wout. Soldier Boy’s debut was the most notable, but the development of Temp-V also gave Billy Butcher and Huey Campbell strength and changed the way they worked. Viewers even saw a parody of American Idol in American Hero, a competition show dedicated to finding the next members of The Seven. These additions take on a slightly new meaning if we take into account the development of the additional show The Boys, Gen V.

Prime Video has already expanded The Boys franchise with the release of The Boys Presents: Diabolic, but the animated anthology series is very different from Gen V. The upcoming live action series centers around a group of superheroes studying under Vaught at college. Since the announcement of “Generation V,” viewers have been looking for any way the “Boys” could set it up. This included mentioning a former A-Train coach in the spin-off. The vagueness of this teaser meant that not every “Boys” viewer was convinced that season 3 had somehow prepared a spin-off.

However, in the third season of “Boys,” there was a secret part of the Gen V setup that was most overlooked. In the 2nd episode of the 3rd season of “Boys”, Huey visits the Red River Institute, a group home for electric children who do not have parents or guardians. He gets a glimpse of the Red River database during his stay there after lying about him and Starlight wanting to adopt a baby Supe. As the list of children to be adopted scrolls, the profile of Madi M., played by Jazz Sinclair, appears. Red River is where Victoria Neuman grew up. Sinclair was previously announced as an actor for “Generation V.” As a result, a college spin-off appeared in the third season of Boys, teasing her mysterious Soup named Madi.

Will the cast of The Boys crossover with Gen V?

One of the big questions surrounding Generation V is whether The Boys actors will appear in the crossover. So far, only roles for new actors and characters have been announced in the college spin-off. Madi from Jazz Sinclair will be one of the main roles, and Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Golden Boy will also play a prominent role in Generation V. Other actors include Chance Perdomo, Lizz Broadway, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Derek Lou and Asa Hermann. But so far there have been no announcements about the appearance of any of The Boys’ Supes or other characters.

It has been confirmed that The Boys Gen V spin-off will be linked to the events of season 3 and even teases some of the storylines of season 4, but the chances of Homelander, Victoria Neuman or someone else appearing have not yet been revealed. Of course, The Boys and Gen V have some opportunities to cross paths and really connect the two shows together. If there are any familiar faces in the college spin-off, the most likely candidates may be characters associated with Vought – for example, the new CEO Ashley— or even a new take on Black Noir. With the setting of season 3 of “Boys” for Generation V via a cameo featuring photos of Jazz Sinclair, viewers should at least be sure that other connections will be made.


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