You season 3: should we expect a sequel on Netflix? The designer says more!


Netflix put season two of You online yesterday, now fans are wondering if the series will be renewed for season 3 …

The You series makes a lot of talk! Indeed, season 2 has been online for a few hours on Netflix … But Internet users are already wondering about season 3 …

After months of endless waiting, season 2 of You is now available! But 24 hours after it went online, the fans only made one bite! Indeed, the ten episodes of the series have already been viewed by almost all fans who therefore wonder now when season 3 will appear!

If no date has been confirmed yet, Sera Gamble, co-creator of You has just thrown a scoop! And the least we can say is that this news is likely to please everyone!

interviewed by Cosmopolitan UK magazine, the co-creator of the series revealed that the continuation of the adventures of Joe Goldgerg would not end in season 3. “What I can tell you is that I have a idea for season 3 of You which is SO exciting… Let people talk about it every day in the writers’ room, ”she said.

As a reminder, You is a series that follows the sickly obsessions of a certain Joe Goldberg! A New York bookseller who does not hesitate to do absolutely everything for the woman he loves … including kidnapping or even killing! In season 2 of You, the man is caught up in his past and tries to flee to the city he hates the most in the world: Los Angeles. In this way, he hopes that nobody will find him … Only once arrived in the city of angels, Joe falls on a new prey to conquer. A woman named Love, who will make him fall back into his old ways … We do not tell you more!


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