Season 2 Updates “Into Your Eternity”: Release Date & History


When will the second season of “Into Your Eternity” be released and what storylines will the second issue of the anime series focus on? The melancholic but highly acclaimed manga series “Into Your Eternity” is the brainchild of the creator of the “Silent Voice” Yoshitoki Oima and debuted in the Japanese Weekly Sh┼Źnen Magazine at the end of 2016. The series tells about an immortal shape-shifting creature named Fushi, who can take shape. anyone or anything with which he interacts, and is sent to Earth by a mysterious higher power known as the Watcher to observe and protect humanity.

Brain’s Base animation studio has teamed up with Corpse Princess director Masahiko Murata to lead an anime adaptation of To Your Eternity, the first season of which aired on Crunchyroll in 2021. Critics praised the thought-provoking themes and emotional storytelling, and the series won in the Best Drama category. at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards ceremony in 2022.

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Due to its success, the second season of the anime series was quickly confirmed. Here’s everything we know about the second season of Into Your Eternity, including its plot, creative team and release date.

In season 2, “Into Your Eternity”, a new creative team will appear

Some members of the crew, including screenwriter Shinzo Fujita, are going to return for the 2nd season of Into Your Eternity, but according to the official teaser trailer released in April 2022, the series will feature a new studio and director. They are going to produce To Your Eternity 2, and Kiyoko Sayama (Amanchu!) he will take over the duties of director instead of Masahiko Murata.

Which parts of the manga will be adapted for the second season of “Eternity”?

Those who follow Yoshitoki Oima’s manga “Into Your Eternity” can probably make some educated guesses as to where the story will go. At the moment, the anime has adapted the first 54 chapters of Sima’s manga, and its first season ended with the protagonist of To Your Eternity Fushi losing his closest comrade Pioran, before decades after a good old-fashioned timeskip in the anime, he lived in isolation. With this in mind, it’s safe to assume that season 2 of Into Your Eternity will adapt chapter 55 onwards and is expected to cover the “Guardians Arch” of the manga, in which the old Fushi travels through a more modern world, meeting new characters.

To Your Eternity season 2 will be released soon

When the second season of the series “Into Your Eternity” was first announced, its release date was set for autumn 2022, but some anime publications predicted that the premiere would take place in October 2022. As with the first season of the popular series, anime viewers outside Asia can watch episodes of the 2nd season of To Your Eternity when it airs later this year on the anime streaming service Crunchyroll.