You season 2: this scene that Penn Badgley (Joe) found very gore!


Season 2 of You has been available for several weeks on Netflix. Penn Badgley confides in a gore scene to spin.

You fans were able to find Joe in season 2 on Netflix. Penn Badgley confides in the most gorgeous scene to shoot. Attention, the article contains spoilers!

Several weeks ago, Netflix staged season 2 of You. In this season, fans find Joe and the bookseller decides to settle in Los Angeles. Indeed, he tries to flee his demons but he meets Love Quinn. Joe chooses to get close to the young woman and he does not hesitate to kill many people. However, he did not expect to fall on stronger than him.

During season 2 of You, fans learned the whole truth about Love Quinn. The young woman is not so innocent as that since she has killed many people. However, it is Joe who holds the palm of the most gorgeous murders. Besides, the new season does not lack violent scenes and one of them marked Penn Badgley. The actor has entrusted the most gore scene he had had to do in this season.

From the start of season 2 of You , Joe does not hesitate to kill Jasper. Besides, the fans were all shocked to see Joe trying to chop the man so as not to leave any trace. This scene is surely one of the most shocking scenes in the series. However, another gore scene shocked Penn Badgley in this season. ” It’s the one where Delilah dies on the floor of the cage with her throat cut.” Even more gore was the amount of fake blood that was needed to make this believable. He confided in Buzzfeed.

However, it was not Joe who killed Delilah in season 2 of You. Indeed, it is Love, his girlfriend who is responsible for it. Thus, according to Penn Badgley, Love may well be even more cruel than his character. Nevertheless, it is clear that the fans are still all shocked by the death of Jasper and they will not soon forget this scene. Finally, fans are all anxious to see what will happen between Joe and Love in the next season.


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