You season 2: Penn Badgley (Joe) reacts at the end!


The second season of You has just been released on Netflix that spoilers are already multiplying. Starting with actor Penn Bagdley.

Watch out for spoilers! A few days after You was released on Netflix, actor Penn Badgley confessed about what is in Season 2. The least we can say is that he was as surprised as the fans. He nevertheless made it clear that he understood the choices the writers made.

You can call it a nice Christmas present: the second season of You has been available since December 26. If fans of the thriller devoured the ten episodes in record time, they were also very surprised by what the writers had in store for the characters of Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti at the end.

The last episode of You indeed sees Love reveal to Joe that she is also a killer. Not only did she settle her account with Deliah but also with Candace. Never two revelations without three! She also teaches the character of Penn Badgley that she is expecting a child from him. Now united in crime, the couple therefore settle in a wealthy suburb and prepare their attack on a neighbor not identified in the rest of the series.

“When I found out where it was going, I was disappointed because, quite selfishly, I wanted a more positive resolution,” Penn Badgley told American entertainment magazine Weekly. “I realized that it was the most logical, most reflective way of saying,” No, Joe doesn’t deserve happiness, “said the actor.

It remains to be seen what will hold a potential season 3? “Joe is not looking for great love. He’s not a person who just needs someone to love him. He’s a killer! He’s a sociopath. He is violent, obsessed. Don’t be fooled and think that he just needs someone who matches him. No one matches him! So the end of You is fine, ”concludes Penn Badgley. This has the merit of lighting our lights!


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