You season 2: netizens shocked by the last episode!


Season 2 of You has been available for several days on Netflix. The last scenes of the season shocked many fans!

For several days, fans of You have been able to watch season 2 on Netflix. However, they are all shocked by the last two episodes of the season. Please note, the article contains spoilers!

The You series is back on Netflix and fans are delighted to be able to find Joe. As a reminder, the character of Penn Badgley harassed and killed Beck in the first season while he was in New York. The first season was a great success and the chain chose to make a second season. However, in the new episodes, Joe has changed cities since he lives in Los Angeles.

New York is over for Joe and Joe has chosen to live in Los Angeles in order to escape his demons. The man thought he could start his life over and be forgotten after the many murders he had committed. Nevertheless, in season 2 of You, Joe meets Love Quinn, a young woman who stays away from social networks. He falls under her spell and he does everything to seduce her and get closer to her.

Season 2 of You has been available since December 26 on Netflix. Fans didn’t wait long to see the new episodes. So, this new season promises to be even more deadly and there are certain scenes that shocked the fans. In addition, the showrunners did everything to keep the fans in suspense and they reserved a huge twist. Many fans are shocked by the latest episodes and speak out!

It seems that Penn Badgley has managed to surprise fans of You in season 2. Indeed, the final twist leaves all the fans speechless and they can’t wait to see the next episodes. “Me seeing all my theories come to fruition in the last episode of season 2,” said a fan. “The last two episodes … I really didn’t expect that,” said another fan. In any case, the fans are all in love with this new season and they even think that it is better than the first!


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