You season 2: Internet users find the real Anavrin grocery store! (PICTURES)


An iconic filming location for season 2 of You, the Anavrin grocery store does exist in Los Angeles. Internet users are delighted!

If you’ve been on Instagram since the release of You, you couldn’t have overlooked it. The thriller has indeed moved to Los Angeles! The cliché representation of the city did not convince its inhabitants. But they were able to recognize a well-known grocery store. Indeed, Anavrin really exists!

In the flagship series of Netflix, Anavrin is a rather boho grocery run by the Quinn family. It has a naturalia touch of luxury. But it also has its own bookshop. So this is not what you can call a normal shop!

The United States undoubtedly has more than one steroid market like this. But Anavrin is very similar to a chain of stores. She is well known to the people of Los Angeles. Her name is Erewhon. It is an anagram of “nowhere”, which means “nowhere” in English. Given the fact that Anavrin is “nirvana” written backwards, it seems obvious that the creators of You wanted to have a little fun with their fans.

With the exception of a few pounds, Erewhon is just like Anavrin. The American chain of stores sells everything that bobos and hipster can dream of! Freshly squeezed organic drinks abound on the shelves. Sustainable beauty products too. As for homemade broths, there is only that! And it works. Kourtney Kardashian even regularly visits one of the stores located in the suburbs of Calabasas.

It remains only to hope that none of the customers cross the path of a mysterious serial killer! It remains to be seen where season 3 of You will take place? In an Ikea perhaps? The least we can say is that the last episode of season 2 got a lot of talk!


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